Casey Anthony’s Former Lawyer Jose Baez Writing Book About Case

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Casey Anthony may be living in hiding ever since she was found ‘not guilty’ in the infamous murder trial of little Caylee Anthony last summer. The prosecutor in the case, Jeff Ashton, wrote a book about his opinion on the case after he retired as an attorney last year. He lost, but the public supported him even though he couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey killed Caylee.

File:Casey Anthony Mugshot.jpegAfter being set free, Casey went into hiding and the only people who knew where she was were her legal team. However, there seemed to be some trouble between them, because last month, Jose Baez, the man who showed that there were too many factors playing into her guilt to make it beyond a reasonable doubt, decided to resign from her case. Today, he announced that he is writing a book about Casey Anthony and the infamous trial. Does he know something that the public does not?

According to MSNBC, Baez’ book will be called Presumed Guilty and will be available in the summer. It will discuss the trial from an inside perspective, and will probably include details about Jose’s work with Casey. However, don’t expect to learn anything new regarding what Casey’s story really is. She must have said something crazy about her life to convince her legal team that she was innocent, but he probably won’t be writing out her defense. Instead, he will give his opinion on her behavior during the trial, her relationship with her parents and his experience as the most hated lawyer after the trial.

“There are so many behind-the-scenes facts and stories that have never been made public. I look forward to sharing my story,” Baez explained in a recent statement.

Will you read this book or is Casey’s story getting too much attention?

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