Casey Anthony’s Hideout – Church with ‘No Trespassing’ Posted on the Doors?

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Casey Anthony’s hideout is reported as the Cross Church of Palm City, Florida, which is the place that she remains as a shut-in until the public opinion towards her dies down. This isn’t something that comes easily especially since she’s taken to the Internet with her video diaries expressing her hopes and dreams for the future.

It seems like Casey doesn’t want to stay out of the headlines and even though she claims those videos of her spewing forth her thoughts as “leaked”; most believe it’s a ploy by Casey to keep her name in the mix so she can profit from a book or a movie deal.

What one of the country’s most notorious moms doesn’t realize is that her story is poison to publishers and movie makers. The first venue to cross that line and take on a venture about this young strategizing woman would find themselves very unpopular for sure.

Casey’s hideout is described as a generic-looking church that posts “no-trespassing” signs on its doors, which get taken down for Sunday morning services only. The pastor of this church, Steve Camp, reportedly acts as a mentor and spiritual advisor to Casey, according to US News.

Now that her hideout is revealed, this might mean that she needs to move, as she could still face danger from the people out there that would love nothing better than to take the law into their own hands in her case. While the courts let Casey go, many still carry a torch for that little girl who is dead and no one is talking about what happened.

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