Casey James lets ‘Jealous Guy’ lyrics lead to best performance on American Idol VIDEO

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Casey James has Fabio-esque flowing locks of golden hair, and now he has put himself in serious contention to go very far on American Idol.  Singing an acoustic version of the John Lennon tune  Jealous Guy, Casey was able to bring out the lyrics without muddying up the song.  The arrangement of just guitar and cello also allowed James to show his musicianship and his bluesy voice to great effect.

Casey’s performance last night was “intimate,” ‘soulful,’ and showed a level of ‘vulnerability’ that we hadn’t seen before and the way that he handed the lyrics of the song, really connecting with them, for me makes him a serious contender for the title.  I think that he is becoming more comfortable with the pressure and the big lights as opposed to faltering (see Siobhan Magnus)

Here’s Casey’s intimate performance of Jealous Guy, music and lyrics by John Lennon:



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