Casper Smart ‘Un-Bee-lievable’ Video Images! Did Jennifer Lopez See This?

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The Casper Smart video starts something like this: “Yo, I found some nectar! DJ Honey, drop it!” Oh, no, he didn’t! Oh, yes he did! Will Jennifer Lopez find it smart for Casper to have sold himself out to dance in a bee costume? This video is sure to have people buzzing.

Look, Jennifer Lopez must have either never seen this video or is turning a blind eye. In what might be the most ridiculous Häagen-Dazs commercial ever, Casper Smart, J-Lo’s back-up dancer and boyfriend, finds himself dancing around in a black and yellow foam bee costume.

Maybe this was the only gig that Casper could find. Talk about paying your dues, though, in an ice-cream commercial dressed as a bumblebee. There is nothing sexy or exciting about that. Still Jennifer Lopez is with him. Talk about one lucky guy!


Would Jennifer Lopez have dated Casper Smart if she saw this video first?

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