Cassie Cotta Found Dead; Husband in Custody

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Fort Smith woman Cassie Cotta was discovered dead in a rural part of Crawford County this afternoon. This brings to an end the four-day-long search for the missing woman who was believed to had last been seen intoxicated and on her way to a party before New Year’s Eve.

In the earliest media reports of this woman’s disappearance, it wasn’t detailed that she was a married young woman. Over the course of her disappearance her husband, Brent Cotta, spoke to local media in pleas to find her. Now that Cassie Cotta has been found dead, it’s being revealed that Brent Cotta is now in custody in connection to the young woman’s death.

They aren’t clarifying much, yet, but police say that evidence was discovered in the home inhabited by the young married couple which led them to the discovery of Cassie’s dead body. Foul play is a definite suspicion. Did Brent Cotta murder his wife, Cassie Cotta?

Police in the Fort Smith area are planning a conference to address the find and other details in the case, and when those new developments come in, they will be covered. It’s just such a shame that things ended this way. Cassie Cotta was a beautiful and apparently spunky young woman who didn’t deserve whatever it was that happened to her. Whoever is responsible should indeed face justice—and if it was her husband, he’s got a lot of explaining to do.

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