Cast for Tuesday's Writing Essential Character Development Project (links to some great reading in here)

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The original article won't let me edit any more characters in, so I am publishing this list for those who want to keep up as these are posted. If I have missed anyone, please leave a link in the comments and I'll add it here.

I promise you will enjoy reading these, even if you aren't participating in the project. If you would like to participate, follow the 'original article' link above and join us. Everyone is welcome.


Winston Rafferty (X Tabber)

A. J. Tinker (Doyle)

Tee T. Bear (Caroline P.)

Launa (Barbara C.)

Russell (Liz)

Rachel (JustMe)

Inid Weatherly (Lori F.)

Sabrina Thompson (Sandy)

Carrie Boyd (Kay M.)

Dixie Black (Donna F.)

Sydney/Tatiana (Sarah A.)

L-Shae (Jean E.)

The Ferryman (Joy)

Alpha & Omega (EM JAY)

Trolleana WingNutia (Kathy W.)

Mystie S. (Priscilla P.)

Cleavis (Rose)

Sooky (Kathryn)

Martha (Sue*)

Madison Conrad (Lainie)

Ruby (Donna C.)

Elliott (E.M.)

Liz (Grems)

Eva (Phoenix)

Mordebahn (Ron & Buddy)

Aaron Delaney (Sheryl O.)

Brian Robert Alistair Nesbitt (Aniko)

Leona (Vicky D.)

Adam (Pat M.)

Cole (Emme)

HealingLite Greenfeather (Marilyn N.)

Jenny (Dannielle S.)

Seefids (Mark N.)

Jonah Burnstein (John M.)

Jamshid Qureshi (Joseph)

Friday (Doyle's secondary character)

Amanda (Debra W.)

Ell Colter (Chelle M.)

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