Cast of ‘Modern Family’ Settles Contract Dispute

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Much to the relief of Modern Family fans everywhere (and there are many – it is one of the most popular thirty-minute comedies currently airing), the cast and their production company, 20th Century Fox, settled contract disputes Monday, just in time to resume production for the upcoming season to begin on time! Whew!

The cast of the popular ABC comedy will be receiving major raises per episode, as well as bonuses, and back pay for previous seasons. Whereas previously the stars (including Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet) had received around $65,000 per episode, but with their raises now in effect, they’ll be making up to a reported $175,000 per episode, with an undisclosed bonus potential. The exception to this is Ed O’Neill, who previously earned the biggest paycheck of the cast at $105,000 an episode. The income gap there will be closing, with O’Neill earning the same as the other five stars of the show.

Modern FamilyAs part of the terms of the contract renegotiation, the actors have agreed to add an eighth year to their previous seven-year contracts, and stand to earn up to $350,000 at that time!

Sounds like the Modern Family cast came out on top, as did the general public, who will be happy to hear that filming will resume in time for Season 4’s premiere, scheduled for Wednesday, September 26 on ABC.

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