‘Castle': 03×19: ‘Law & Murder’ Episode Recap

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On tonightÂ’s episode of the ABC’s Castle, Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and her partner Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) investigate the death of a juror on a high-profile murder case. The first obvious suspect is the defendant. But he turns out to be innocent of both crimes. The murder of the juror was a failed attempt to cover up the fact that the victim in the high-profile case was actually killed by her own brother. This case had a lot of twists and turns, that made it more challenging to solve than most of the cases on the show.

As usual, there was also plenty of drama for Rick on the domestic front. Even though his mother (Susan Sullivan) is usually the culprit, this time it was his daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) who he catches in a lie. Alexis eventually tells her father the truth but not before she discovers that he was tracking her using the GPS application on his phone. Alexis is understandably upset by this, but Rick believes that he was doing the right thing—at least until Beckett convinces him otherwise.

Rick and BeckettÂ’s friendship is growing closer as they continue to confide in each other about their personal lives. Fans definitely shouldnÂ’t discount the possibility of a romance between the two of them. In fact, donÂ’t be surprised if that ends up as part of this seasonÂ’s finale cliffhanger. But thatÂ’s just one fanÂ’s opinion.

The humor and flirtatious banter between Rick and Beckett werenÂ’t as prominent in this episode as they have been in the past. But after the case is solved, they do go to a showing of Lesley NielsonÂ’s Forbidden Planet together.

Tune in to next weekÂ’s episode of Castle, Monday at 10pm/9c when Castle and Beckett work the case of a dead body found in the oven of a pizza restaurant.

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