‘Castle’ 03×20: ‘Slice of Death’ Episode Recap

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If you saw tonight’s episode of the ABC crime drama Castle, you might think twice about eating your next slice of pizza.  Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and her partner, mystery writer Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) are called to investigate when the body of a well-respected news reporter is found in an oven of a New York City pizza restaurant.

Since the reporter seemed to be doing a story on the city’s “pizza wars” the rivalry between pizza joints, the first suspects are the pizza shop owners near the crime scene.  But as it turns out, pizza is only a piece of the real story. The reporter was killed because he was investigating a drug kingpin who was using one of the pizza restaurants to smuggle drugs. The killer actually turns out to be a female real estate agent, who was not only masquerading as the victim’s girlfriend but was also the leader of the clever drug smuggling operation.

At home, Rick and his mother Martha (Susan Sullivan) help Alexis (Molly Quinn) through a fight with her best friend, who is angry at Alexis because sheÂ’s spending too much time with her boyfriend.

This week’s episode of Castle was pretty good, even if the flirtatious banter between Castle and Beckett was missing.  The case in this episode wasn’t boring like some of them can be. Castle’s background as a writer came in handy while they worked the case.  But Nathan Fillion’s trademark humor was also in short supply this week.  We also haven’t seen any more about the relationship between Lanie (Tamala Jones) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) that was established this season.  But next week’s new episode promises to be exciting when Beckett investigates the death of a championship swimmer, and Rick is jealous of her new partner. Catch the next episode next Monday at 10pm/9c, on right after Dancing with the Stars.     

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