Castle Caravan Through Scotland

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Scotland's romantic, breathtaking castles are some of the most lovely in the world. Today, I'd like to give you a peek at some of my favorites.

Glengorm Castle, on the Island of Mull, is the setting for one of my books.

Some of my favorite castles look out at the sea.

These castle ruins, south of Ayr, look out at the Atlantic Ocean.

Duart Castle gaurds the entrance to the Island of Mull.

Other castles are situated on Scotland's lovely lochs.

Eilean Donan Castle is on a loch on the way to the Isle of Skye.

Some castle, like St. Andrews, are in ruins.

But still as beautiful as the others, in their own way.

Some, like Inveraray, are still occupied. 

The Duke of Argyle and the Cadbury Chocolate heiress live here with their family.

Urquart Castle, on Loch Ness, was abandoned years ago.

While Culzean Castle, near Ayr, still bustles with activity.

Some castles are guarded by lions.

Some fierce, some gentle.

Still others are flanked by gardens…

Others, by moats…

Both water-filled…

And dry.

Some castles are steeped in pagentry.

And filled with festive revelers.


Some were once very functional – like Caeverlock Castle near Dumfries – built to protect the borders from the English and defended by many.


Other castles were built for the pleasure of one.


Like Torosay, on the Island of Mull.

Some castles are ancient…

Some, barely a hundred years old.

Glengorm Castle, on Mull, is a bed and breakfast.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of the castles of Scotland…


Whether near or far… the castles of Scotland are a fairy tale come to life.

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