‘Castle’ Recap: 47 Seconds

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This week’s episode of Castle proves to be explosive in more ways than one. A bomb blast went off at a protest just as a reporter by the name of Leann West was doing her story. The team is on the scene however, this crime now involves the FBI and Homeland Security. Richard is affected by the attack after hearing a few disturbing and emotional interviews on witnesses that had lost loved ones.

All they know right now is that the bomb was left at a lamppost and that the location was clear 47 seconds before it went off. An interview with two sisters coming out of a bridal shop had one of them that saw a Middle Eastern man walking toward the lamppost with a box looking nervous however, he is legit and the box was full of Chinese food. The homeless guy they brought in mentioned Beethoven at the scene but that didn’t pan out either.

Lanie is working on the bodies trying to find evidence. What she did find was on Jessie Friedman, the leader. He was close to the bomb when it went off and the fabric from the backpack was embedded all over his body. Richard sees Alexis is looking distressed as she had beenNathan Fillion @ the Serenity Premiere helping Lanie with the bodies. She is obviously bothered by the whole mess as dad takes her home. Back at home, Martha has a heart to heart with her son about telling Beckett how he really feels. The blast has everyone thinking about how short life really is and she thinks that Richard is wasting time with the one he really wants to be with, Kate. “What if she isn’t ready?” he asked. “Then you move on,” she tells him. It was such a sweet moment between the two. She makes him crazy but they have such a special bond. Alexis makes her daddy a special pancake that is usually only made for breakups or Dancing With the Stars eliminations. What a nice mention since this show does come on right after the dancing competition. Father and daughter share a moment about life. Martha and Alexis really know how to take care of this mystery writer.

Castle decides not to waste anymore time. As he hands Kate her coffee, he starts talking about missed opportunities as she is hanging on his every word. Oh bother! That moment just has to wait as they are interrupted with some recent news on the case.

A man named Andrew Haynes, who had been already been interviewed, seems to be the prime suspect at the moment. They also bring in a drummer that might have seen something. He told the team that he saw a Hispanic guy in a black hoodie drop a blue backpack by the lamppost and it was not Haynes. The man’s name is Robert Lopez or Bobby as he is called. Beckett gets all upset with the guy after he says everything was a blank and he uses the trauma card. Kate tells him that he doesn’t get to use that excuse because she was shot in the chest and she remembered every single detail. Only she doesn’t know that Richard is listening to every word on the other side. He stands there stunned as he realizes that Kate heard him when she was shot so that must mean that she does not share the same feelings as he does. Martha tells her son that he can’t keep working with her now that he knows the truth. His response, “Watch me!”

Back to the case, Bobby Lopez admitted that he is a pickpocket that stole the backpack as it was sitting between trash bins. It was supposed to go off there instead as to not hurt anyone. The owner chased Bobby and he dropped it at the lamppost. Who is the backpack owner? It is Jesse Friedman! It turns out that he was using the bomb to bring publicity to the movement. When he realized what happened, Jesse tried to call the person that was supposed to detonate the device. Who was his partner? His old college pal, reporter Leann West!

As for Kate’s feelings toward her guy or maybe not her guy anymore, she knows that something is wrong between them. Castle feels like now he is free to move on, just like his mom said. Has Kate lost him for good? It may only be temporary, so for now fans will have to endure the tension that exists between these two.

Next week, Richard will try to move on with someone else making Kate feel left out and maybe even jealous. But she may find that he is not the only one that can move on. It looks like a game of how jealous can they make each other. Stay tuned!

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