‘Castle’ Recap: A Dance With Death

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Dancing takes center stage on this week’s episode of Castle when Odette Morton, one of the contestants on a dancing competition show, was found shot to death in her dressing room. It’s a case of whodunit once again as the team goes in to find out who the real killer is.

As Lanie is examining the body, she admits that she loves the reality show, which led her to tell the team about how she wanted to be a prima ballerina when she was growing up. That is until the ‘girls’ came along which made her a bit too top-heavy. It was a cute Lanie moment, especially seeing the look on the faces of Richard and Ryan. The staff for the show told Beckett that another contestant named Eddie didn’t get along with Odette and he was eliminated Nathan Fillion @ Serenity Premierefrom the show recently. They also said that since there is now an open slot, Eddie is in line to take it, giving him a motive to eliminate Odette. Eddie was brought in but it looks like he has an alibi at the time of the murder.

Meanwhile, Martha has invited theatre critic Oona Marconi over for dinner, despite having a big disagreement in the past over a horrible review she gave Martha. She wants Oona to give her another chance to get a good review of her acting school. Unfortunately, dinner failed as they got into a big fight. Richard makes a suggestion but he ends up with the raw end of the deal. Martha makes her own deal with Oona. Martha gets a good review if she gets her famous writer son to read Oona’s manuscript. It seems that Oona has a dream of being a writer, too.

Odette’s brother is brought in and he tells Beckett that she was involved in a train derailment and after her brush with death, she stopped living a reckless life. Her agent said she spent her money on clothes, $10,000 worth. Now that’s a lot of clothes! It turns out that Odette was buying clothes for a worker named Jasmine who was keeping a secret. She had a recording of Odette and the show’s host, Brad Melville in a heated argument in which he threatened to kill Odette. When Brad was brought in, he told them that Odette was shooting up again. But after finding syringes and testing them, they were actually filled with insulin. The twist is that Odette wasn’t known to be diabetic.

It turns out that Odette used a double that she met on the train that looked identical to her. She paid her well so that Odette could stay with the party life that she was used to. After Odette was killed in the train crash, the double named Barbara Landau took over her life as a dancer. Barbara had a dream of dancing and here was her chance. Unfortunately for her, Odette had a shady past. She was in on her grandfather’s murder because of his disapproval of her boyfriend at the time as she would not get his inheritance money. Her boyfriend smothered him with a pillow while she distracted the butler. Who was the boyfriend? Samuel Lynchberg, Odette’s manager. He also knew about Barbara and killed her, too.

During the investigation, Ryan is perplexed as to why women do not flirt with him anymore. Esposito tells him it’s because of his wedding ring. Ryan doesn’t believe him and sets to find out. Ryan has his buddy wear his ring on the next outing and the same thing happens, the girls still flirt with Esposito. He tells Ryan that women just pick up on his ‘happily married man’ look. Now if only Esposito could get the ring off his finger before Jenny finds out he borrowed it from Ryan.

Speaking of dreams, Lanie had one, Oona also had one. Even Barbra Landau had a dream but what about Kate? Castle asked her what she had always dreamed of growing up to be. Kate tells him that she had always wanted to be the first female chief justice. Not a bad dream to shoot for.

Next week’s episode will prove to be an explosive one so stay tuned!

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