‘Castle’ Recap: Dial M for Mayor

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On this week’s episode of Castle, the team is called out to investigate the murder of a strangling victim named Laura Cambridge who was found in an abandoned car in an alley. It turns out that the car leads straight to city hall and the mayor’s office. Mayor Weldon just happens to be good friends with the famous murder mystery writer and Beckett’s favorite guy.

Mayor Weldon insists that he has no idea who the victim was. Beckett has a run in with the mayor’s Chief of Staff who says that he will do whatever it takes to protect him and Beckett shoots back that she will do whatever it takes to do her job. That Beckett sure is a tough cookie and not one to mess with. Delving into the victim’s past, the team finds out that Laura quit her job as a professor and pretty much dropped off the face of the earth six months ago. What had she been doing during this time? It seems that she has worked as a phone sex operator at Dial-a-Goddess.

The dispatcher, Sarah says that she was a popular girl but she had asked Sarah to help her contact a guy names Edgar Navarro. Laura might have heard something on a call but when the team goes to retrieve the tape, they learn that it has been taken by someone posing as a gas man.

They also find out that Laura was working on a book about poverty. Her agent told Beckett that she was investigating a scandalous story involving none other than the main man, Mayor Weldon. Unfortunately, a test revealed that fibers found on a brown coat might have been the killer and that same coat the mayor was wearing on a video tape. He is also involved in a $2.3 million embezzlement investigation from his charity. Castle is speechless at this information and can’t believe that the mayor would be involved in all of this. He asks Beckett to keep this to herself for now but Kate feels bad not letting Gates in on this information. She eventually tells her boss what they found out and Gates says that they need that coat to continue the investigation. The mayor refuses to give it up because he believes that he is being set up with his run for the governor.

After a few more leads, they find out that one of Laura’s callers was the Chief of Staff’s assistant, Jordan Norris who is about to give the name of the person or persons that is responsible for Laura’s murder. He had told her about the embezzlement scheme which is why she was killed. Unfortunately, a lawyer barged in before Jordan told them. What great timing.

During all of this, Richard gets contacted by the mystery guy who he had previously had contact with. This guy talks about protecting Beckett which is Richard’s first and foremost concern. The mystery man tells him that if the mayor went down, then that would mean that Richard would go down according to Gates and he wouldn’t be there to protect Kate from getting into her mother’s murder investigation. She needs protected from these things.

Will Castle be able to protect Beckett from these powerful people? How will she react if she ever finds out that he has involved himself in this ordeal without her knowledge? Stay tuned!

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