‘Castle’ Recap: Headhunters

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On this week’s episode of Castle, a guy that goes by the name of Glitch was found dead in an alley along with a bag full of heads. Who is Glitch and where did the bags of heads come from? That is what Ethan Slaughter is asking. This cop, who just wants to be called Slaughter, is the one handling the case this time and Richard wants in on the action. Where is Beckett? She is getting ready for a trial so this gives the mystery writer a chance to hang with this guy. Maybe this will even take care of his writer’s block and give Richard a new muse to write about.

On the home front, Alexis is receiving many letters from different colleges that she has applied to. Daddy wants to hide them from her to protect his little girl from getting rejected again. Martha confiscates them anyway.

Beckett isn’t happy that her man is deserting the team. Ryan and Esposito are even more upset because they think he is cheating on them. It kind of looks that way. Richard is using his teamIMG_1079 to get the goods on some suspects. He wants to look good in front of Slaughter but it will cost him dearly in the form of front row tickets to a Knicks game for Esposito. However, this cop’s antics are far different than what Richard is used to. Slaughter decided to surprise him with a gun. Not even Beckett lets him have a gun. Richard is getting in way over his head when he hops into a bar with the gun pointed and then gets beaten up in the process. They did get their guy, Brian Reilly, the father of Glitch. Slaughter thinks that he will take the law into his own hands to avenge the death of his son. Speaking of taking things into his own hands, Richard turned into a daddy bear when Slaughter told him that the little red head that works at the coroner’s office had a great butt. Punch! Daddy let his hands do the talking after he told Slaughter that the red head was his daughter!

Slaughter seems out of control when he goes after a gang without back-up. Well, unless you call Castle back-up. Luckily, his friends are still looking out for him when they realize he is in danger and trace his phone to his location. Ryan and Esposit arrive just in time to get the boys out of trouble.

There is more trouble as Slaughter grabs one of the gang members to get him to turn on his boss. When he throws the kid in a garbage truck and almost crushes him, Richard wastes no time in going to Beckett to humbly tell her that a line is now crossed and he needs her help. As it turns out, his partner has been watching out for him. She has evidence that proves this Vales guy had nothing to do with the murder. It was good to see Beckett and her man investigating once again. However, Slaughter caught them both at the murder scene and threatened Beckett for interfering. That is unless she can find the real killer. They have an hour to do just that.

The evidence leads back to Glitch’s father. They find out that he killed his own son! Before Vales was let go, Beckett proved just how tough she really is by telling the guy to get out of her city. Slaughter thought she was hot but Castle was just thankful that Kate was there for him after all.

Alexis was stunned that she finally got an acceptance letter to Stanford since they rejected her the first time. She asked her dad, “How am I supposed to get over something like that?” His response was, “I guess the question is, do you want it badly enough to get over being hurt?” It looks like both daddy and daughter need to make some very important decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Maybe things will be looking up for the mystery writer and his partner! Maybe for Alexis, too.

How long do you think it will be before that next ‘Caskett’ kiss? Stay tuned!

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