‘Castle’ Recap: The Limey

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On this week’s episode of Castle, Kate tells Lanie that her partner in crime is different these days. Lanie tells Kate that her friend is crazy about this guy and that he is waiting for her. Kate finally admits that she has strong feelings towards Richard and she might be ready to take a chance and tell him how she feels about him. No time like the present as Beckett gets called to a murder scene. She is gearing herself up to get her man. That is until her man shows up with a young blond flight attendant that he just met on his way back from Vegas. Guess her talk will have to wait.

Naomi Allen was killed in a seedy hotel room and a man was seen fleeing the scene. The team finds out that Naomi was a model who hailed from Britain and she also booked side jobs with wealthy men. They find out that the man at the scene was a man named Colin Hunt. When Kate and Richard arrive at his hotel room, they find Mr. Hunt wrapped in a towel. Beckett tells the guy to get his hands up. His hands go up but the towel comes down to reveal a little too much forNathan Fillion at Serenity premiere 1 Richard’s taste. He tries to keep Beckett from getting an eyeful, however, she sneaks a peek.

The guy without a towel happens to be an inspector from Scotland Yard and also was a good friend of the victim. He got there after she was killed and found a key in her jacket which he believes to be a clue to her killer. The key led them to a locker with a set of numbers on the back of a photo. Could this be the killer? The man in the photo is Nigel Wyndham, a foreign dignitary. They need his prints to be able to match the prints left on the victim’s neck. Beckett and Hunt decide to crash a party to do just that. Where is Castle in all of this? Well, he keeps going off with blondie instead of working with Kate. He might be sorry when he sees Kate all dolled up in a sexy dress on the arm of the handsome British guy.

The couple danced the night away but not before a fiasco of trying to get Nigel’s fingerprints on a glass he was drinking out of. Colin failed to grab the glass before he was found out but Kate was good. She swiped Nigel’s card case while they were dancing together. Unfortunately, the prints were not a match.

Richard, with a little help from his blond flight attendant, cracked the code to the set of numbers that was written on the back of that photo. It turns out to be a diplomatic pouch that was delivered on a flight from Uganda, which is where Naomi’s boyfriend was killed. Colin gets himself in to the baggage area at JFK to find missiles in the crate. It turns out that Nigel and a guy named Biggie Slim were smuggling them into Uganda. When Naomi got herself involved, Biggie Slim killed her.

Kate bids farewell to Hunt as he is heading back home but first he asks Kate to have a drink with him. She turns down his offer because of paperwork. She uses that excuse a lot. When Castle shows up and tells her that he is heading out on yet another ‘uncomplicated’ date, Kate feels abandoned and ends up calling Hunt for that drink after all.

Is Kate too complicated for Richard? Maybe that is just what he needs is some complication in his life. Stay tuned to see what will happen next.

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