‘Castle’ Renewed for Season 5

There are some shows where a renewal seems to be a foregone conclusion, and it’s impossible not to put Castle on that list. So it’s no surprise that it’s already on the list for fall television shows.

Castle Renewed

According to TVLine, Castle has been renewed for its fifth season, and the big question that remains right now is what will happen next for Castle and Beckett. They were headed towards sleeping together in that scene together, and now it’s just a question of what this will mean for their relationship. There’s also the fact that Beckett resigned, so it’s not like next season can just begin with them together and still solving cases together. There’s a lot that needs to be figuring out, for Castle and Beckett together and Beckett alone.

Then there’s the fact that there are going to be some lingering issues between Ryan and Esposito to address, and you can’t forget that Maddox is still out there. There’s a lot that’s going to need to be addressed when season 5 begins, and now fans know officially that they’ll have that fifth season to see just that. After all, there was no way that ABC wasn’t going to renew Castle after the way season 4 ended and how good—and consistent—the series has been over the years.

What are you hoping to see on Castle, renewed for its fifth season?

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