‘Castle’ Season 4 Episode 22 ‘Undead Again’ Sneak Peeks: Castle’s Decision and Strange Occurrences

Castle season 4 continues next week with episode 22, “Undead Again,” which will be showing Castle and Beckett dealing with the zombie world for their case. Is all what it seems?

Season 4 Episode 22 “Undead Again” Sneak Peeks

This case is going to put Castle and Beckett into the world of zombies after their latest victim is found having been bit by a human. A witness claims that a zombie is responsible. Just what’s going on? Well, the clips that have been released do show that something strange is going on.

In the first “Undead Again” clip (below), Castle startles Alexis and tries to get her to “suit up” for some laser tag, but she’s too busy trying to figure out her future. She has made some lists and narrowed it down to Oxford and Stanford. She’s already ruled out any that are “too close” to home because she’d “come home all the time.” She wants a challenge and doesn’t want to get sucked into things like laser tag. Poor Castle asks, “But then who’s going to play with me?” She tells him “it’s time to holster the laser guns and be adults.” Things are changing in the Castle household, and that may not be the only change coming.

The second sneak peek (below) shows another possible change. When Castle ignores Beckett’s call, Martha of course notices and suggests he let Beckett know why he’s been punishing her lately. She points out they just can’t keep doing what they’ve been doing, and that’s when Castle makes a decision. He’s going to go to work for his “last case with Detective Beckett.” While they can’t continue like they have been, it’s hard to imagine that being true. Will Castle and Beckett talk about that at the end of the episode to change that? Will the events of the season finale, “Always,” which many fans are speculating will feature at least a Castle and Beckett kiss, fix things for good between them?

The third clip (below) shows Castle bringing up what he said to end the second one. When ME Perlmutter greets them as “intrepid heroes…and Castle,” Castle replies, “I will treasure these special moments we’ve shared.” That earns him a look from Beckett, and it looks like he hasn’t shared his plans with anyone else. They do focus on their victim, whose likely cause of death is blunt force trauma from his head hitting the concrete. There are no signs it was a mugging. There is, however, a bite mark on his arm, and it looks like the killer tried to tear off the flesh—just like a zombie. Also found at the crime scene is a lace cuff (circa 1870, thanks to some research Castle did for a book) that the victim appears to have ripped off the killer’s shirt.

In the fourth Castle season 4 episode 22 sneak peek (below), they’re going over the evidence, which leads Castle to declare that there’s an undead third party involved. Beckett argues that zombies don’t exist, but that’s when Ryan interrupts to show them footage of the guy whose lace cuff they seem to have found. He doesn’t flinch when a cab drives by, and another angle does show him looking very zombie-like. Castle yells, “The killer’s a zombie,” as he walks out. He’s very pleased with himself.

The fifth “Undead Again” clip (below) features another mother-son moment, as Martha comments that Castle seems to be in a good mood for what he called his last case with Beckett. He explains that he’s “going on with a bang” and tells her about the zombie on the security camera. It would be wrong if he downloaded it and emailed it to himself. That’s why it’s their secret. She points out that she knows the difference between makeup and actual decay. What will she have to say about what he shows her?

The sixth sneak peek (below) shows that someone has killed their murderer. His teeth match the bite marks and the victim’s blood is on his clothes. Castle comments that the man was behaving like a zombie before he died and asks if there’s a medical way to determine if he was. Yes, it’s a crazy idea, one which Perlmutter shoots down: “There are no zombies, Castle. This is a man. He was a live man. Now he’s a dead man.” Of course, that’s when the body on the table gets up and runs out of the morgue. Castle exclaims, “He’s undead,” and Beckett takes off after the “undead” murderer/victim. So how did someone declare this guy dead when he’s obviously not? What’s going on with this case? There are no such things as zombies, but are they just looking at someone mistakenly declaring someone dead who obviously isn’t or is something else going on?

What do you think of the Castle season 4 episode 22 sneak peeks from “Undead Again”?

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