‘Castle’ Season 4 Finale ‘Always’ Sneak Peeks: Beckett’s Investigation, Alexis’ Graduation

Castle‘s fourth season comes to an end on Monday, May 7, with episode 23, “Always.” Beckett is going to have a lead on her mother’s death, but will Castle be able to stop her before it gets her killed?

Castle Season 4 Episode 23 “Always” Sneak Peeks

Five sneak peeks have been released from the next Castle episode, and while three are completely about Beckett’s investigation, the other two focus on Alexis’ graduation and even a little tease for Castle and Beckett.

The first sneak peek (below) shows Beckett and Castle talking about graduation. She says he was probably the guy who only wore boxers under his gown, and he calls that “so insulting,” saying he was naked. He already has plans for after the ceremony, and that includes a double feature. When he invites her to join him, she accepts. It’s a step in the right direction, and while it’s a tease, it’s nothing compared to what looks like it could be leading to a kiss in the promo. What’s important is that it looks like their relationship is getting back on track after all the tension ever since he found out she lied about remembering. Their conversation in “Undead Again” seems to have helped a lot.

The second “Always” clip (below) shows that the Montgomery house was broken into and his files are gone. The thief is dead and the files are missing. Esposito doesn’t see how this can be a coincidence. They’re the only ones who know what Montgomery was really involved in, so they’re the only ones who can work on this. Beckett tells them to look into the victim’s past and see if Montgomery was involved in his arrests and to run a number to see whom he was talking to before he died. Is this going to be what puts Beckett on the right path?

In the third Castle season 4 finale sneak peek (below), Beckett asks Castle to reassure her, and he tells her how many break-ins there are in New York City every year and that Montgomery worked many cases. It’s not necessarily about her mother. However, she knows it probably is. After all, why else would their thief be dead? Beckett tells Castle that Montgomery told her the people he was involved with wanted her dead. She’s still alive, and she’s waiting for that other shoe to drop. She’s worried that time has come. It does look like it has, but how will it end?

The fourth sneak peek (below) shows Ryan wanting to tell Gates, but as Esposito points out, all she’d do is send Beckett home. That wouldn’t stop Beckett from working the case, and at least this way, they can make sure they have her back. Considering everything the promo does show is coming up, she’s going to need it, but will they be able to help her when she needs it?

In the fifth season 4 episode 23 clip (below), Alexis finds Castle in front of her graduation gown. She’s been having problems writing her speech, and he tells her to just write what’s true for her. All she knows is everything’s changing and she’s scare of moving on. He tells her to write about that. It sounds like she has. Will her speech be part of the episode? Could it end up serving as the voiceover of a key moment?

What do you think of the Castle season 4 episode 23 sneak peeks from the finale “Always”?

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