‘Castle’ Season 5 Preview: Castle and Beckett’s Morning After (Video)

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Castle‘s fourth season ended with Castle and Beckett finally hooking up, but just because they finally gave in to their feelings doesn’t mean there’s going to be an easy road ahead.

Castle Season 5 Promo

Photo Credit: ABC/Vivian ZinkGetting the two leads on a show together after they’ve been dancing around one another for some time like Castle and Beckett have can be tough, and the upcoming season is going to see if they can handle it. Things will be changing, secrets will be kept, and there’s always that pesky morning after chat that needs to be had. In fact, that’s exactly what the first Castle season 5 promo (below) addresses.

As the voiceover teases, they may have “had the best night of their lives,” but will it turn out to be “the biggest mistake they ever made”? While the promo isn’t exclusively about their relationship and does show an explosion, Castle putting together pieces of paper, and Beckett with a gun and running, the big parts of it are.

The preview ends with Castle waking up in bed alone, and it looks likely that part happens before he and Beckett talk about what happened. He clarifies, “So it wasn’t a dream.” It certainly wasn’t, and there would have been many angry fans if they had gone that route. Before all the drama that’s coming their way, they’ll take a moment to make sure they both enjoyed their night together (“So you liked it?” “Yeah.” “Me too.”). Hopefully there are many more moments like this between them this season.

What do you think of the first Castle season 5 preview?

Photo Credit: ABC/Vivian Zink

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