‘Castle’ Season 5 Recap: Secret’s Safe with Me

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This week on Castle, Alexis is heading off to college and she wants to take everything with her. Martha tells her son that he needs to have the sex talk with Alexis. No, not that sex talk, the one involving Beckett. Yes, it seems that Martha knows about them. She says that they need to come out of the closet, in a matter of speaking. Of course, Beckett is concerned that the two women won’t be able to keep their secret.

As Beckett and her partner arrive at a murder scene, they learn that Wendy Dupree has been shot in the chest. Before she died, she wrote the word ‘lie’ in her own blood. They find out that her boss sent her a threatening text message, so they bring him in for questioning. He told them that she took $4,000 from him but swears he didn’t kill her.

Is Richard allowed to answer Beckett’s phone? Well, he did anyway. It was Lanie and even sheIMG_1079 knew that was a no-no. As he is trying to find paper in Beckett’s drawer, he pulls out a stick figure just as she walks up. Beckett is not happy that he is going through her drawers. At least she isn’t too mad. Maybe more embarrassed or surprised, but definitely not mad. How things have changed since last season!

Richard realizes that the victim wrote ‘317’ in her blood instead of ‘lie.’ They learn that the number belongs to a storage unit that is up for auction. The mystery writer has $2,000 on him for some bidding. He wins the auction after a bidding duel with a mystery guy who clearly wants to get his hands on the same unit. They learn that the unit belonged to Wendy’s twin brother, Wendell. However, he was killed a few weeks ago, which Wendy believed was no accident. Gates comes in yelling about all the junk in the precinct. That is until she sees Richard holding a collectible doll that she needs to complete her collection. He hands it over to her and it seems that she is so grateful, that she is now a fan of his. Ryan just thinks it’s creepy.

Alexis wants to cancel the dinner date with her dad and she is obviously upset. Richard assumes it’s because of his relationship with Beckett. He tells Beckett that she never reacted like this before, not even with the 100 or so girls he has had in his life. She is not exactly thrilled to hear this.

The team learns that Wendell worked for a well-to-do lady named Angelica. She tells them that she had an expensive pink bracelet stolen out of her wall safe before Wendell died. The team thinks the bracelet might have been in that unit. They track down a guy named Marco who is trying to break his way into a safe, which has no bracelet in it like they thought. It turns out that Angelica lied and made up the story as part of insurance fraud. She swears that she has no idea what Wendell was up to.

Alexis and her daddy have a moment as he is dropping her off in her dorm room. She says that he won’t be there when she wakes up. He says that he will always be there for her. She asks him to do one more thing before he goes. He knows what she means as he stoops down to check under her bed. It is monster free! It was a teary moment between father and daughter.

Richard heads directly to Gates’ office and smashes the doll. But unfortunately, that doll is the one Gates brought from home. So, he goes for the second doll. This time there is success! He finds a glass eye and a USB drive. As for Gates, Castle is on her hit list once again.

They find photos of a hit and run accident that killed the twins’ parents and that is why Wendell was working for Angelica. Wendell stole the glass eye from the driver as evidence. Who was the driver? Richard has always wanted to say this, “The butler did it!” It looks like they solved the case once again.

A great moment at the end of the show has Beckett sharing why she has that stick figure that Richard found earlier. She told him that after her mother’s funeral, her dad took her to Coney Island. They walked the beach and made the figure together. Kate says that it is a reminder that even on the worst days, there is also a possibility of joy. Between this moment and their ‘special’ handshakes that took the place of a kiss that they can’t display at the precinct, this was an episode filled with memories.

On next week’s episode, Richard and Kate are in the Hamptons trying to get some alone time. Will there be more special moments or murder? Stay tuned!

What was your favorite moment between your favorite couple?

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