‘Castle’ Season 5 Spoilers: Back to Work, Chad Lindberg Guest Stars

Castle‘s fifth season is going to have a few questions to answer when it returns, such as what happens next for Castle and Beckett and how Beckett will get back to work. Along with that, they’ll have cases to solve, and the latest casting news is about one of those.

Castle Season 5 Spoilers

According to TV Guide, Chad Lindberg (Supernatural, The Fast and the Furious) will be guest starring as “Marco Massetti, a career criminal who runs afoul of Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) after they discover their murder victim may have been involved with one of Massetti’s jobs.” This sounds like it should be an entertaining episode, and it could be just what they need after using the premiere to answer some questions that they need to after how last season ended.

With this news, there will obviously be something in the Castle season 5 premiere that gets Beckett back on the job after she resigned in the season 4 finale. Creator Andrew W. Marlowe previews, “Beckett is still under threat. When [they] wake up the next morning … in that blissful bubble that they may be in, life has a way of coming in and bursting that bubble. Real life intrudes really quickly, and that is part of Beckett’s journey.” Part of that real life is not only the mystery surrounding Beckett’s mother’s murder, but also getting back to work. Even once she’s back at work, that doesn’t mean things will be easy for Beckett. She will have to deal with the fact that she resigned, and it has yet to be seen if the new developments in Castle and Beckett’s relationship will impact them at work.

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