‘Castle’ Season 5 Spoilers: Case Details and Who Knows About Castle and Beckett

Castle returns for its fifth season on ABC this fall, and one thing that will be different is Castle and Beckett’s relationship. At the end of season 4, they finally hooked up, and now it’s just a matter of what comes next and who finds out when.

Castle Season 5 Spoilers

Will Castle’s family know about him and Beckett? According to Entertainment Weekly, “Let’s just say there are some things you don’t always want mom to know,” while they’ve heard that Alexis will “be in on the secret.” While this may be something they’ll keep secret at work—if Gates found out, that could mean the end of them partnering up for cases—it’s not quite as easy to keep it secret from those at home. Even though Castle may not want Martha to know, that doesn’t mean she won’t find out, maybe not right away, and that could lead to an awkward, but amusing, conversation. However, EW also points out that Alexis is “still interning with Lanie.” Will she spill the secret, or could Beckett confide in her best friend at some point, meaning that’s not a possibility? You have to imagine that it will get out at some point, but how that happens has yet to be seen.

Also coming up in Castle season 5 is an episode involving the murder of a weather girl who “may have been involved in an inter-office romance.” With this being the second episode, it seems likely that Castle and Beckett will still be keeping their relationship a secret, but there’s likely to at least be a glance between the two over this detail. Will it turn out that the victim’s killer is whomever she was involved with? Could they be looking at a case of jealousy, or is there another motive altogether?

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