‘Castle’ Season 5 Spoilers: Possible Sci-fi Convention, ‘The Office’ Episodes, Castle and Beckett

Castle returns to ABC for its fifth season this fall, and while Castle and Beckett have finally hooked up, the aftermath of that is not all that’s coming. Some fun episodes are also planned amidst the drama and relationship talk.

Castle Season 5 Spoilers

According to TVLine, Andrew Marlowe has two episodes in mind that sound like they would not only be fun but also perfect for this series: “a murder at a sci-fi convention” and “a riff on The Office.” Marlowe explains for the latter, “We’re thinking about an episode that’s shot documentary-style, where we get one-on-one confessionals with the camera and get to know what people really think about certain things.” Now that would be very fun to see happen, especially given what has happened for Castle and Beckett. This could be the perfect way to see what the others think about it, especially if they’re hiding the relationship but some people have found out about it. Characters could reveal they know about their relationship in the confessionals, while Castle and Beckett think that they’re still keeping it secret. Meanwhile, that other possible episode would certainly be fitting since Nathan Fillion is “a rock star… at Comic-Con.” (Castle wasn’t at the San Diego convention this year, but Fillion was at the Firefly 10th anniversary panel.) These episodes certainly sound like ones that need to be made.

Also coming up in Castle season 5, TV Guide has revealed that Marlowe says to expect an “interesting honeymoon period” for the detective and writer. That period will be used for them to figure out “how ‘real’ the relationship is.” Hopefully they can do that without input from anyone else. Unsurprisingly, they will have to deal with “obstacles,” specifically, “Capt. Gates and that little NYPD rule about partners not being romantically involved.” That right there is good enough reason to keep the step they’ve (finally) taken a secret from everyone. The fewer people who know about it, the less likely it is that it somehow gets back to Gates. Beckett may have resigned at the end of season 4, but of course she’ll get back to work, and it wouldn’t be the same if Castle wasn’t working right by her side on the cases.

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