‘Castle’ Season Finale Recap: Always

This week on the season finale of Castle, this show is packed with excitement and heart wrenching emotions that come flying out at any moment. This season has been chock full of Beckett trying to deal with her shooting and who is responsible for her mother’s death. Of course, there is the “will they, won’t they” saga between Richard and Kate. The first scene that is shown is that of Beckett holding on by fingertips on a rooftop ledge fighting for her life. Then she hears a familiar voice calling for her. Roll back to three days earlier.

While Alexis is having trouble IMG_0981writing her valedictorian speech, her dad is meeting up with Beckett to yet another murder scene. Richard asks Beckett if she would like to come over for a Jimmy Woo double feature. Surprisingly, she says yes! The look on his face was priceless. Things are starting to look up for this couple. That is until the murder of a guy named Orlando happens to be somehow connected to Beckett’s shooting.

The victim was doing a job to make some money. That job happened to be breaking into Roy Montgomery’s home and grabbing anything he could find, including files and laptop. Montgomery’s widow happened to be home at the time and identified Orlando. Richard tells Kate that there are thousands of robberies and it could have just been a coincidence but Kate doesn’t buy it. Everything turns around when the DNA sample from the murder scene matched the DNA from Beckett’s shooting. She is now out for blood!

This is when things start to heat up with the team. Up to this point, they have always been so close. That is about to change. Richard wants Kate to back out of this case before she gets hurt and Ryan wants to consult with Captain Gates. Kate refuses both ideas. Esposito sides with Beckett.

At home, Richard gets another call from the mystery guy reminding him that as long as Beckett doesn’t investigate her mother’s death, she will stay safe. Here comes the most emotional scene of the whole show. Richard decides to spill his guts to make Kate understand why he is so concerned for her safety. He tells her about the mystery caller and that if she doesn’t stop, they will kill her. Kate is now upset that he has known about this for a year. He says that he was just trying to keep her safe. Richard finally tells Kate that he loves her. But then he adds, “But you already know that, don’t you, for about a year?” Kate starts in about betrayal and trust. Richard tells her that it has been four years and he has been right here. He tells her that he brings her a cup of coffee every morning just so he could see that smile on her face. “Because I think that you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating person I have ever met,” he says. What is her response? She tells him that he doesn’t get to make deals with her life. Wow! Not exactly what the guy is expecting her reaction to be. He tells her that he is done. It was heart-wrenching.

As the rest of the team continues on the case, a video footage of the person Orlando met up with before his murder detects a clear picture, which also shows a good lead. Beckett and Esposito head out to this guy’s hotel while Ryan tells them that that it is not a good idea to go without back-up. Ryan tries to call Richard’s cell but he is not answering. He heads to Alexis’ graduation ceremony.

As Alexis is shown giving her speech about change, Esposito is shown getting knocked out as Beckett runs after this guy. She gets tossed over the edge where the beginning left off. Kate is fighting tooth and nail to keep from plunging to her death. She does get rescued but not by the person everyone thought. Ryan’s hand, not Richard’s is shown pulling her up from the ledge. Captain Gates is also at the scene, looking extremely mad.

Back at the precinct, Kate and Esposito are suspended for withholding information and for not having back-up which put them in danger. Kate decides that she is done and turns in her badge permanently. She tells Gates that she quits. The sad part in all of this is that the friendship between Ryan and Esposito is now on the fritz because Ryan spilled them to Gates in the first place. Ryan tried apologizing but Esposito just walked out.

Kate is out in a rain storm thinking everything through. She almost died twice because of this case and is now re-evaluating her life. Richard is home by himself trying to delete Kate from his life. This might be hard to do when she shows up on his doorstep all wet and looking quite beautiful. Kate tearfully tells him how important he is to her. He was all she thought about as she was about to die. Kate kisses her man. He kisses back. The moment every Castle fan has been waiting for! What a great season finale!

The prequel to the next exciting season was shown as the bad guy who supposedly shot Beckett confronts the mystery caller.

Was this episode everything you thought it would be? How do you think these two lovebirds will deal with the aftermath? How will Ryan and Esposito deal with their broken friendship? Will Kate finally be able to solve her mother’s mysterious murder case? Is it season five yet?

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