‘Castle’ Spoilers: Jon Huertas Dishes on Castle and Beckett Hook-up

Castle and Beckett, played by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, finally gave in and acted on their feelings in the season finale of Castle, and now one of their fellow cast members is tossing in their two cents about the hook-up and the timing of it. For four seasons, fans have been wanting these two to just give in and realize their feelings for each other. Now, they have done that. Will this change the series completely for season five?

Jon Huertas took the time to speak up about the big hook-up recently. Was it too soon? Or was it timed just right? According to Wet Paint, he feels it was perfect timing. He said the following:

“I think I’ve always said that they should hop in bed and just do it, do it. See what happens. I think it was the right time, definitely. Stringing the audience along for too long would actually kill the show before putting them together. It would kill the show. People get tired of that, tired of the back and forth, and the will-they-or-won’t-they idea. Nobody wants to keep watching that. I wouldn’t want to keep watching that.”

There is the opposite side of the equation though. This is something he ignores completely with his statement. Sometimes bringing a couple together too soon can also damage a series. It is still called the Moonlighting effect.

A series can fall apart if a couple is thrown together too soon in the scheme of things. The magic of the chase is gone, and it becomes time to make them work. There is only so much drama a couple can go through together.

Were these two thrown together too soon? Or was the timing just right? Were you excited for the Castle and Beckett hook-up?

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