Cat Gets Euthanized by Accident at Veterinarian Office

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A Massachusetts woman was heartbroken when she found out her cat was euthanized by accident at the veterinarian office. Yes, you read that right. A trained veterinarian was actually stupid and negligent enough to put an animal down by mistake.

Colleen Conlon asked her 24-year-old son, Jesse, to bring her cat to the veterinarian office for a flea bath last week. When he brought her pet in, he unknowingly authorized for the cat to be euthanized. Paperwork was obviously mixed up and the Jesse didn’t find out about the mix up until after the cat was dead.

Only one word can describe this situation: pathetic. How is it possible to be so negligent that you accidentally put down a perfectly healthy cat? Yes, Jesse should have read the form before signing it, but he probably wasn’t thinking, “I better read this just in case they may be papers saying they can kill my cat.” This undated photo provided by Jesse Conway shows Lady. Colleen Conlon of Gardner, Mass., says her cat went to the veterinarian for a flea bath but was mistakenly put to death. Conlon is grieving the loss of 8-year-old Lady, which she attributes to negligence by the vet, Muhammad Malik. Malik's lawyer says people should wait until all the facts come out before passing judgment. (AP Photo/Jesse Conway)

There is nothing that can be done to bring back Conlon’s cat, but hopefully justice is done. Muhammad Malik, the veterinarian, should at least have his license taken away so that another tragedy like this doesn’t happen.

Photo Credit: Associated Press/Jesse Conway

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