Cat News: Loose Mountain Lion in Canton, Search Suspended

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A loose mountain lion is roaming around somewhere in Canton, Ohio, yet the Canton Police Department has decided to suspend the search for the wild cat Monday evening. Hmmm, how are Canton residents supposed to feel about this? Will they be able to sleep tonight knowing there is a large cat on the prowl?

Police were alerted to the loose animal just past 4:30 this afternoon, which they believe had escaped from a nearby exotic animal farm. Both the Stark County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol went out and searched for the animal, and used a plane in an effort to locate the mountain lion, concentrating on the 3500 block of Millvale Avenue.

What is it with all these escaped mountain lions lately? Just a couple of weeks ago, there was a loose mountain lion roaming Connecticut. The poor animal was accidentally struck dead by an SUV, and the driver was quite startled, but unharmed.

As of 10:30 p.m. July 4, the loose mountain lion in Canton was still nowhere to be seen. Rather than continue to search for the animal, which could potentially be dangerous to Canton residents, police instead suggest that “anyone who sees the animal should exercise caution and notify the police.”

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