Cat-Sized Rats Take Over in Florida Keys: Will They Hit Mainland?

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Astonishing cat-sized rats have invaded the Florida Keys. Can you imagine seeing one of these giants? The big worry is that these giants will make it to the mainland, which could destroy crops and ecosystems. What a disaster that would be!

Cat-Sized Rats Take Over in Florida Keys: Will They Hit Mainland?The Gambian giant pouched rats were originally bred by a local on Grassy Key, and now these cat-sized rats are running out of control. Officials have been unable to eradicate them. Of course, they are rats, so that makes sense. These rodents are generally hearty and difficult to get rid of.

Scott Hardin of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said, “We thought we had them whipped as of 2009.” Unfortunately some of the species survived. He went on, “I would not imagine there’s more than another couple of dozen at most. We’ve caught them all within a half-mile of each other. We think they have not moved far, but they clearly reproduced.”

Of course, these cat-sized rats reproducing would cause a huge problem. Officials intend to try to kill the remaining members of this species by using poison-laced baits like cantaloupe with peanut butter.

Have you ever seen one of these huge creatures? Can you imagine a nine-pound rat? That is absolutely scary. Talk about jumping on a table when one runs across your feet. Man! That would be enough to make somebody faint, no doubt. Do you have any scary rat stories?

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