Cataclysm, return of the gods, by the other Stephen King

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Stephen H. King, otherwise known as TOSK, imagines a curiously different Armageddon in this, the first of a series of mythologically post-apocalyptic novels. The confusion of a young woman who learns she just might be married to the God of War is very nicely portrayed, and an intriguingly pagan Rapture introduces a new world of magic, replacing modern technology.

I’m probably more scientific than this book’s intended audience. When the god explains that “Electrons no longer exist,” my mind turns away from fiction to wonder just what the implications would be—surely more than just electricity not working and the earth’s magnetic field getting upset. The concept of “two-thousand year long technology era[s]” and “two-thousand year long magic” is certainly intriguing, though I wonder when the technological advancements of the ancient Greeks took place–and yes, I know they had gods too. I rebel at math being a scientific tool when I view it as art as well, but that’s beside the point. Given the author’s premise, this new world is nicely built on the old, and, after all, “What woman didn’t” want to “believe that her husband was a god?”

It’s nice to find a celiac protagonist (if you know me, you’ll know why), though it’s mildly frustrating to see it portrayed as an allergy—satisfying though when it’s healed by magic–ah, cakes and pastries and other divine delights–the wondrous scenery and foods of the gods are sumptuously described. Battle scenes sparkle with power and fire and excitement. And myth and magic smile with pleasing touches of historical humor. There are intriguing hints of ethical dilemmas as gods look down on mere mortals, even while one of them’s married to one.

The story’s complete enough in itself though it ends with the clear promise of more. If you love mythology and don’t mind too much about math, this just might be one for you—it’s certainly a very different kind of sci-fi romantic adventure.


Disclosure: I received a free ecopy of this novel from the author in exchange for my honest review.


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