‘Catching Fire’ casting: Jena Malone offered role of Johanna in ‘Hunger Games’ sequel

Catching Fire, the Hunger Games sequel, is slated to start filming this September, and a few key parts still need to be cast to join the ranks of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Meelark. One of these roles has reportedly been offered to and filled by an up-and-coming young actress, according to CNN.

Comic-Con 2010 - Sucker Punch panel - Jena MaloneJena Malone is expected to play the role of the vivacious, cunning tribute from District 7, Johanna Mason. Prior to landing this gig in the popular Hunger Games series, Malone was best known for her roles in the movie Saved! and Sucker Punch. But her popularity is sure to rise after her role as a cut-throat competitor who knows how to wield an axe, as well as an unlikely ally to Katniss.

Malone seems to have the chops to play the part, and not just because her looks fit the bill (especially if she gets her brown locks chopped as she did for previous roles). She’ll do well wearing a tough attitude to play Johanna.

But who will play her friend Finnick? That castmate has yet to be named, but here’s hoping they’ll have some good on-screen chemistry, unlike Lawrence and Hutcherson, since they’re supposed to be good friends and allies too.

What do you think of Jena Malone as Johanna in the Catching Fire movie?

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