‘Catching Fire’ Salary Bump for Jennifer Lawrence in the Millions

There is no denying that Jennifer Lawrence is an up and coming actress. Still, is she worth $10 million? That’s reportedly the salary she’ll make for Catching Fire, the sequel to the ever popular Hunger Games.

If so, the bump in salary is one of Hollywood’s biggest. Ms. Lawrence made a mere $500,000 for the first film in the book series. Of course that didn’t count bonuses. Add them in and the sum goes up a bit. Yet it’s nowhere near $10 million. Even that figure is somewhat misleading. If the movie does as well at the box office as the first one, the total could escalate even more.

At a time when many Americans can’t find work and others struggle to make ends meet, some think Tinsel Town’s inflated salaries are a slap in the face. A case could be made either way, but one has to wonder why anyone needs so much money for a single motion picture. It does seem the tiniest bit greedy.

No one has anything against Jennifer, mind you. She’s a spectacular actress and no one’s going to avoid seeing Catching Fire because of the money issue. It’s the Hollywood system that most people fault. It seems to equate everything to “more is better”. Is that always true though? Have your say and sound off below.

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