Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra ‘Violated’ By Betrayal

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The only thing crazier than the Catelynn Lowell pregnancy story is the details surrounding the alleged elaborate hoax.

Initially, InTouch ran the story which gave details from a reported “close friend” of the Teen Mom who said the couple were expecting their second child and, this time, were ready to raise a kid. Fans believed the story because it seemed plausible; however, Catelynn later revealed that she wasn’t pregnant and that the magazine had pieced together old quotes from the couple to get the story.

Now, though, the magazine is running another story which gives details into exactly how the story came about and, to say the least, it is even crazier than the pregnancy story itself! Apparently, Catelynn’s own mother, April Baltierra, is the one who concocted the bogus story. Jamie Pyrzewski, the original source, was also in on the entire thing, and claims that she doesn’t even like Catelynn (who, after denying knowing her, admits that she does).

Catelynn spoke out about the betrayal saying, “I love my mom but this is frustrating. My mom lied. I think it’s because she has no money…so she’s trying to sell her daughter.”

Anyone who watches the show knows that the two have had a rocky relationship, but thinking that April would go as far as to actually make up a false story about Catelynn Lowell for money is ridiculous. Luckily, Catelynn’s dad is again living close to her and is also shocked that his ex would go this far, wondering “how she sleeps at night.”

Catelynn Lowell’s fiance, Tyler Baltierra (his father and Catelynn’s mom married) was also upset by the claim saying, “We feel violated. I’m shocked that she would go to this length. It just crosses the line.”

So, what does April Baltierra have to say about the whole thing? Just as InTouch initially stood by their story, April is doing the same! She said, “Catelynn was fully aware of this story. She knew all about this.”

Catelynn and Tyler have always been one of the most mature couples from the show. Although there have been stories of other cast members having friends sell stories and splitting the profit, it doesn’t seem likely that the couple would do that. They have never spent their money frivolously, instead living modest lives.

Do you believe April Baltierra really sold out her daughter or is this the magazine trying to cover their tracks?

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