Catelynn Lowell Proves Pregnancy Rumors Are False

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Nearly all the Teen Moms have been plagued with rumors that they are pregnant again, but these rumors are always false. Typically, the girls face backlash for the rumors, but in the case of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, fans were actually excited!

The couple have been together for years and have been through a lot, notably giving their daughter up for adoption. Through everything, they have become much more mature and the two choosing to have another child seemed plausible. However, Catelynn was shocked to hear about the news and spoke out against the rumors, even stating that she had never heard of the supposed source.

To further prove her point, Catelynn tweeted the cover of a new magazine where she and Tyler speak out against the rumors. She also urged her fans to read the magazine saying, “Read us weekly!! Were not pregnant!!”

In the article, Catelynn Lowell talks about how, if she were pregnant for a second time, she would be a “miserable wreck.” She cited her daughter, Carly, for the biggest reason for not wanting to get pregnant anytime soon.

Catelynn said, “If I did get pregnant right now, how would Carly feel? It wouldn’t be fair to her. When she got older, she would be like, ‘Oh you placed me for adoption and then three years later you got pregnant and decided to parent? What’s wrong with me?'”

Everyone who has watched the show know how hard of a decision it was for Catelynn and Tyler to give their daughter up for adoption and they have stated that it is something that they are still not over. Of course, it is the kind of situation that you never really get over, but Catelynn and Tyler have done a great job at showing others how hard of a decision it truly is.

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