Catelynn Lowell Responds To Pregnancy Claims

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The big news story to hit the web on Wednesday involved Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell. A tabloid story came out the day after the season premier claiming that she was pregnant for a second time, but this time, she and Tyler planned on keeping the baby. While the source gave her full name (which made it seem like a true story), Catelynn is slamming the claims!

She revealed to Us Weekly, “Don’t believe everything you read, I’m definitely not pregnant! I’m on the pill. And, I’m only 20-I don’t want to have kids until I’m out of school and we’re married.”

This coincides with what Catelynn said in an interview a few weeks back, stating that she was holding off on having kids. While many fans were hoping that the rumor was true, it looks like they will have to wait a little longer until the two decide to add to their family.

Earlier in the day, 16 & Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun spoke out against the rumors, however, not everyone believe her. Well, it looks like she was right!

While she may not be expecting a child right now, Catelynn recently revealed in an interview that she wants to have four children one day. Not only that, but the two may move their July 2013 wedding up! Fans are still hoping that MTV will air their wedding as part of a special.

Did you think Catelynn Lowell was pregnant?

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