Catelynn Lowell’s Mom Responds To Her Being Willing To Adopt Nicholas

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Catelynn Lowell recently stated that she would have no problem taking custody of her brother, six-year-old Nicholas, if her mother’s addiction problems got to out of control. Adoption is something the Teen Mom star is looking into in order to ensure that her younger sibling is properly cared for.

So, how does Catelynn’s mom feel about the whole thing? She says, “It would be a good place for Nick, but it’s not going to happen. My kids are too important to me.” Although April’s addiction is sometimes in control, she can’t give up on her son and that is often the case. Addicts may feel that giving up a child would be admitting to a problem that they don’t want to face.

April continued, “I feel bad Catelynn had to grow up around me drinking all the time. She shouldn’t have had to worry about her mom.” It truly is an odd situation for everyone involved. Catelynn knows what Nicholas is going through and only wants whats best for him.

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