Catfight! Is ‘Superior’ Anne Hathaway Mean-Girling Desperate Jessica Biel?

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Jessica Biel was the cover girl for the December issue of Elle, and she spent part of the accompanying interview throwing a pity party for her career. She talked about lots of roles she auditioned for but didn’t get and bemoaned her perpetual status as supporting player instead of leading lady.

Now, Anne Hathaway — who got two of the roles Jessica auditioned for, Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises” and Fantine in “Les Miserables” — is pissed that Jessica made the remarks and is telling her to “‘quit complaining’ and accept that she’s ‘not in the same league when it comes to acting,'” The National Enquirer (via is reporting.

“In truth, Anne feels she’s a true leading lady who has been nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes, while Jessica’s movie career doesn’t even compare,” an “insider” dishes to the mag. “In her opinion, Jessica is known for her TV role on ‘7th Heaven’ and blockbuster-type movies like ‘The A-Team’ that show a limited acting range. And not only does Anne feel she’s superior on-screen, she also believes that Jessica showed a lack of professionalism by even making the comparison in the first place!”

That’s true — Anne has definitely been in more “prestige” projects than Jessica. And it’s fine if Jessica wants to mention a couple projects she wishes she’d gotten, but naming them specifically probably isn’t the best idea … unless she has an ulterior motive, which Anne thinks.

“Anne thinks Jessica had an ulterior motive by making it seem like she was stealing roles right out from under her,” The Enquirer‘s source claims. “She sees Jessica’s move as premeditated, designed to make casting directors place them on the same level — and possibly to coax them into hiring her over Anne, who makes more per film and is in greater demand. Now Anne’s ready to take this fight to the next level. Anne let Jessica know that if she does another interview with a writing, casting director or director equating the two, she wants a face-to-face meeting. And everyone’s waiting for more fur to fly.”

It’s doubtful anyone thinks Anne Hathaway is “stealing roles right out from under” Jessica Biel. Even though Jessica probably could have done a decent job in “Bride Wars,” she doesn’t have the chops for “Rachel Getting Married” or “The Devil Wears Prada.” But at the same time, if this report is true, it’s kind of bitchy and mean-girly for The Enquirer‘s source to refer to Anne as “superior.” Sure, she has more talent and gets better roles than Jessica, but lots of people question whether she’s right for “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Les Miserables,” so she’s not exactly Meryl Streep. But it’s funny to think of Anne getting ready to rumble with Jessica. We’d like to see a catfight between those two! Jessica would totally kick some ass.

What do you think? Is Anne Hathaway right that Jessica Biel should stop comparing their careers? Is she just mean-girling her? Sound off in the comments!

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