Cats Bad, Dogs Good? (Video)

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A new scientific study finds that the ancient battle between cats and dogs, and the humans who love them, has a basis in fact. And, not too surprisingly, it’s the canine species which comes out on top.

The results show that a virus found in kitty litter, Toxoplasma gondii, may cause an increase in suicides by women, while kids who grow up near dogs build up a resistance to a virus, called R.S.V., which can lead to asthma.

The results are explored in a very entertaining video created by the funny folks at SourceFed, a YouTube channel covering a wide range of current events.

Their cited source admits that the results are based on some raw statistics, but lovers of cats and dogs have been debating this topic for a long time, even without the scientific backing.

It doesn’t look like it’s the kind of story which will change the dynamics of champions on both sides of the debate, but it does seem to bear out the modern phenomenon of the “crazy cat lady” which seems to have taken root in recent decades.

Maybe it’s the kitty litter that has to go?

Here’s the video:

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