Cats on the Trails ~ for Wednesday Writing Essential – WWE – Cats

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Cats accompany Rudy and me on our walks around the trails. Cats and I stay mostly on the trails as Rudy explores the woods and brush and sometimes follows deer trails. This time of year they go right through the mud and partly submerged in the deeper puddles. They are quite protective and give me a sense of security as we walk the trails. They’re not allowed in the house; they stay on our breezeway to gradually dry off until our next trial walk. I suppose I should nourish them from time to time but I don’t bother. They get kicked around quite a bit but they’re holding up pretty well. I expect them to be around for a long time, but when they’re no longer useful I’ll just replace them. You can see their picture here.



Write (in any form you desire) about cats. It doesn’t have to be about the animal cat, it can be anything involving cats such as the movie Katz, a cat house, cat fight, tom fights. Anything your imagination comes up with. Cat Woman?

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