Caucus Activity Results From New Year's Day 2008

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I'm in a small town in Ohio; watching whatever Time Warner makes available to me. I catch a little info from Clear Channel, Wilks and NPR, I skim my local papers, but mostly I'm Net active.

Some variation of this is how the majority of Americans are witnessing the 2008 cauci.

On New Year's Day, CNN ran on-going coverage of candidates' live activities in Iowa and New Hampshire. They called it Ballot Bowl '08.

I watched a few hours of it; not all day. I saw quite a bit from Huckabee and McCain, and a little bit from Obama and Romney. I think they said Biden was spending the day with his family. (Good for him!)

What I saw from Huckabee and McCain was interesting. They both deepened my understanding of the two of them; and not all of it turned in their favor.

Obama gave me a few more insights, but not too many.

Romney completely lost my vote.

Huckabee first.

He gives mighty speeches.

He plays to the center, to the working classes. He wields a velvet gloved moral majority message. Mike wants to bring the voices of the folks who carry their lunches to work in paper sacks back into government.

He points out that government officials are supposed to be servants, not bosses.

He points out that our rights are supposed to be recognized as God given, not government given.

Mike Huckabee is Pro-Life; because life starts in the womb.

He's for strong borders to keep both terrorists and illegal immigrants out.

He wants to toughen the military.

He wants to send illegals back.

He wants to abolish the Income Tax and replace it with a national Sales (consumption) Tax.

He's for the Defense of Marriage; which means he's anti-gay marriage.

He's for energy independence, so that our dollars aren't accidentally funding terrorists.

He's for agricultural independence, so that America is not foreign reliant.

He wants to reduce off-shoring of jobs by reducing regulations on businesses.

Mike Huckabee says he wants to be "The Truth Teller"

One of his mottos is: "Enough Is Enough"

If there is one thing you can say for The Huck, it's that he has a great oratorical skill set. He passionately and well describes his positions and his reasons for having those positions.

Any voter who shares his views will likely be suaded.

I'm not one of them.

Although Mike has a great centrist message, and is very likeable in my eyes, I cannot find it within my conscience to vote for any anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage candidate who carries the overtly Christian agenda.

One religion should not be the dictator of all national policy.

McCain –

John McCain was apparently out and about in snowy New Hampshire on New Year's Day. He was reported to be riding around in the "Straight Talk" SUV, instead of the bus.

In talking with one group of people he made the same energy independence argument that Huckabee made; that we should focus on reducing dependence on foreign oil so that we are not incidentally funding terrorists.

He then offered what I thought were some eye-opening insights into his health care views and stances.

John McCain stated that reducing "medical inflation" is the real solution to our national health care problems.

He said he was in favor of a program that offered a one-shot total care opportunity for people with chronic and critical illnesses.

Example that was given: a person afflicted, say with diabetes, would get one year of government funded best medical treatment; and then be on their own.

If my understanding of this is correct, this would seem a near useless idea. The majority of people with serious chronic afflictions could not be cured with just one intensive round of treatments; only some would.

McCain wants to focus on wellness and fitness programs.

He wants to offer a $5,000 refundable tax credit to folks so they can go across state lines for better insurance.

John McCain wants reform for medical malpractice and increase incentives for home health care.

He seems to promote the idea that reducing institutionalized medicine will reduce medical inflation (ie: medical costs).

I can't help but wonder how quality of care could not suffer under such a sweeping logistical change.

How would there be the kinds of accountability, regulation and oversight necessary to protect Americans from receiving (being victimized by) sub-standard medical care?

Would this have any effect on the segments of national health care problems which the insurance industries are the source of?

Obama -

Barack Obama is a Democrat. I know this because he mentioned it over and over in the short sections of a speech I saw televised on New Year's Day.

He cares about the elderly, who have spent all their lives working, and in fact building, this great country of ours.

He cares about the chronically overworked and the short ends of the sticks that they are always receiving, while keeping this country's economies running.

Barack Obama wants to fulfill Working class dreams.

Romney –

Well, Mitt Romney really stepped in it, as far as I'm concerned.

He lost all chances for my vote by telling a little tale about how he came to be known as Mitt.

Apparently when "Mitt" started going to school, he was known as Willard. His classmates nicknamed him Billy and then taunted him with all the known and popular Billy taunts; a constant haranguing of "Where have you been Billy-Boy, Billy-Boy.." being one of them.

Well, Willard didn't like those taunts, so he changed his name to Mitt.

As you might guess, this strikes a personal nerve with me. I've always been a Bill, and I endured the picking on that poor Willard crumbled under.

Maybe I'm being harsh, but changing your name because you got picked on seems like an exploitable weakness of character.

As President, would Mitt choose his positions based on which ones would bring him the least amount of grief?

02 January 2008

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