Cavern Below the Forest Edge, Dark Journey,Part 6. Repost edit 1.

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A flash of brilliant light spilled into the whirlpool room as TripleMind took the Celestial Force Ball through the deep grey center if the whirling StarGate.

It took about five minutes before anyone butf the Triad could see again.

When Shannon could see once more, they hovered over bright green fields under a clear blue sky. They were on the Earth’s surface once more.

But, it was definitely not home. Three great golden suns lit the sky above.

Before them was a huge golden stone building. It seemed to be cathedral, castle and mansion; all at once. The huge edifice was surrounded by beautiful flower gardens. Two great green leafed, golden flowered trees were to each side of the porticulus,  which ended at the great oak doors.

Those doors swung open as they approached, the light spilling out felt welcoming as they approached. Gabe paused, then touched one of the great doors, then led the way inside.


To be continued……………


Sharon Pribble


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