Cayman Islands Earthquake Strikes

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Yes, another earthquake has hit today. It seems every few days, we are hit with news of another shaker. Last Tuesday, it was the 7.0 shaker in Haiti. Over the weekend, Oklahoma City was hit with a quake. Yesterday, we had news of one hitting Guatemala City. Today, it is the Cayman Islands being hit by a quake.

The quake hit early Tuesday morning at 9:20am, and it registered a 5.8 on the Richter scale. The quake had an epicenter off shore of Grand Cayman, and it was about 6.2 miles deep.

The Cayman islands are about 600 miles of Port Au Prince in Haiti and 200 miles south of Cuba. The major site of last week’s quake was Port Au Prince. Relief efforts are still underway for those hit by that quake.

Currently, there are no immediate news of injuries as a result of this morning’s earthquake. Damage is being reported. Power lines are said to have come down in one town on the islands.

This is still a developing story. What is up with all these earthquakes lately? 2010 is off to a shaky start it seems.

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