CBS Investigates Social Security Disabilty Problems – Watch Please, January 14 & 15!

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CBS Investigates Social Security Disabilty Problems

by Marilyn Mackenzie



For five years, Linda Fullerton, president and co-founder of  the MSN group, Social Security Disability Coalition, has been trying to get coverage about the problems everyone deals with when applying for Social Security Disability.  Finally, a major news media was willing to investigate.  CBS will have a two night investigative report on Monday and Tuesday, January 14 and 15 on the evening news that runs 6:30-7 PM EST.

Linda Fullerton, whose brain surgery was 11 years ago, will be interviewed on the Monday segment.






If you have applied for Social Security Disabilty and have not been approved, you really should be a member of this MSN group.  Social Security Disability Coalition offers free information and support with a focus on SSD reform.

Whether you have applied, receive benefits, or are just concerned about this, be sure to sign the Social Security Disability Reform Petition and read the horror stories from all over the nation.  Petition


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Two slogans at the Social Security Disability Coalition:  “Don’t be a victim; become victorious!” and “I am disabled and my vote counts too!”

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