CC Sabathia came close to a no hitter on Saturday, but he may never have gotten there anyway

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New York Yankees’ CC Sabathia came into the 2010 season with extra 28 pounds. He’s already a big dude and there was no way in thinking that could help as he now hovers around 300 pounds.

But Saturday afternoon, he came four outs away from pitching a no-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Tampa Bay’s Kelly Shoppach singled on Sabathia’s 111th pitch and he missed out on his Major League no-hit bid. However, it was reported after the game that manager Joe Girardi already planned on taking Sabathia out of the game after Shoppach’s at-bat.

Girardi said it’s too early in the season to let a guy go that long since Sabathia was making juts his second start.

But how do you take a guy out of a game when he is pitching a no-hitter? These are the games that pitchers dream about. Sabathia took the high road and joked around with reporters afterward, but I am not sure I would have been as friendly about it.

“It makes it easy now, but we would have been fighting out there on the mound,” Sabathia told, with a grin. “I felt good, but I understand where he’s coming from, too. It’s my second start of the year, so it would have been a good discussion.”

Ha, discussion isn’t exactly how I would have described the situation that might have occured.

However, Shoppach made it easy on everyone by getting that single. There was no need for a ‘discussion’ and the Yankees went on to win 10-0.


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