Cee-Lo Green and Coachella: Not a Good Mix?

Cee-Lo Green fans weren’t particularly thrilled on Friday at Coachella. First the singer arrived late for his main stage performance. Then he told the crowd he had just 20 minutes to perform. But wait. It gets even worse.

According to a report from Popeater, while Green was part way through his cover of Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, the sound was cut.

Cee-Lo Green left the stage, leaving many to believe he had become angered over a technical glitch. However, it seems the sound was cut intentionally so the Coachella concert line up could stay on schedule. Fans thought Cee-Lo left the stage in a huff, and ripped them off even more by performing less than what they’d expected. Maybe they shouldn’t have been quite so quick to judge, however.

A bit later Lauryn Hill took the stage–and guess what? She was also 20 minutes late for her gig. Did the plug get pulled on her when she had reached her allotted amount of time? No! Was this some kind of a personal slam on Cee-Lo Green? Some people are wondering about that.

Fans who came hoping to hear a bit more of Cee-Lo Green were apparently miffed at the notion that Lauryn Hill ran over her time slot, but Cee-Lo was cut. They were at the very least glad he sang his hit song F***You.

While it’s got to take a lot of finagling to schedule a concert event like Coachella, it would seem like some flexibility might be figured into the lineup. Even when people come onto the stage on time, it’s not hard to run over or even to fall short by a few minutes.

It will be interesting to learn in the next couple of days what, if anything, Cee-Lo Green has to say about his being cut at Coachella. Not known for being a quiet or laid-back man, he may have some words that mirror those of his hit song.

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