Cee Lo Green Dumps Cat for Bird?!

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Cee Lo Green seems to have traded in pets. The singer and coach on “The Voice” has reportedly replaced (at least on the show) his white cat, Purrfect, with a new feather friend. That’s right, Cee Lo has gone to the birds by befriending a new cockatoo.

Cee Lo Green’s new lady friend is a pink Moluccan cockatoo named (not so shockingly) Lady.

“Lady’s name says it all,” stated Green in a recent interview. “She’s my little lady with a big opinion. Sometimes whispers inappropriateness in my ear, but always ladylike.”

Now, wait just one a minute. How on Earth can she be seen as “ladylike” when she is whispering “inappropriateness?” Look, it is hardly surprising that Cee Lo Green is a bit cheeky. The only question that remains is whether Lady can become the most famous pink cockatoo on the planet. It seems like there will hardly be a challenger.

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