Cee Lo Green Planning to Slim Down

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Some believe that celebrities are invincible, but some lives are taken far too young regardless of celebrity status. Often times by something that could have been prevented—like going to rehab instead of letting a drug habit get so bad that it results in an overdose, or in Cee Lo Green’s case, losing a few pounds so you don’t drop dead of heart issues. Cee Lo Green recently opened up about his plans to diet and slim down a bit. His motivation? His son.

Cee Lo watched two of his friends, Patrice O’ Neal and Heavy D, pass away at a fairly young age due to complications from being on the heavier side. According to Green, ever since their deaths, he now looks in the mirror and sees all the similarities, sparking a change in him. He wants to be around for his son, and that means being healthy. Cee Lo Green jokingly said he would try not to slim down too much because he doesn’t want to ‘disappoint the ladies’. Well, Cee Lo, the ladies will probably love you more if you can stick around and give them something to swoon over, so get fit and stay on top of that singing career!

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