Celeb Biographer Goes for Oprah in New Juicy Tell All…What Does Lady O Have Say?

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What could be the point of a tell all book about Oprah?  She’s already told everything.  So the queen of unauthorized celebrity bios, Kitty Kelley, has decided to just take what Oprah already said about herself and highlight the juicy stuff.  Since Oprah already said everything, she doesn’t comment in or on the book.  So Kelley just quotes her through the whole thing. Well that’s just lazy Kitty.

I must admit I am an Oprah fan so I won’t be reading this book.  But I don’t see how this book is going to do much to enhance Kelley’s reputation (even among the 2 people who are not loyal O fans).  One of the reasons people like Oprah so much is her honesty about herself, flaws and all.  She is extremely open about her weight issues, past drug use, health issues, sexual abuse, relationship problems and failures.  You can’t really dig up dirt on a person who has already dug up her own dirt and put it on display.  I know America is obsessed with celebrities.  So it would seem like the obvious topic for a celebrity book writer would be one of the biggest celebrities around.  But Lady O?  I mean really.

Oh but one thing she found out that I didn’t know was that Oprah dated John Tesh.  Interesting… but not enough to buy the book.

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