‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2012 – Clay Aiken Shows Side of Himself that Will Shock Viewers

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Donald Trump says that Clay Aiken is not to be underestimated this season of Celebrity Apprentice 2012. The creator of the show admits he did not think Aiken had it in him to be as tough as he is on the show. It makes sense given the fact he seems to be a genuinely low-key kind of guy. Will he blow everyone out of the water on Apprentice this season? According to The Celebrity Apprentice spoilers for the first episode, Clay convinces one patron to pay $1,000 for a sandwich instead of $500 that another contestant asks in the challenge.

“Clay Aiken is totally different than I thought,” Trump says. “I figured he wasn’t going to be that strong of a player. He’s a really strong player. Great singer, but he’s a tough guy, and he’s nasty. You wouldn’t think it.”

When the contestants were first named for the 2012 season, Clay Aiken was in the news several days about his appearance. He looked different than he normally did which raised speculations he had plastic surgery done. He is rumored to do well on the show and be a good businessman for his team challenges.

How will Aiken do compared to some of the others that have a tough reputation? Teresa Giudice is known to be hard as nails. Will he be even with her?

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 begins Sunday at 8:00 p.m., ET/9:00 p.m., PT on NBC.

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