‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2012 Finale Winner is an ‘Upset Victory’

It’s not often an upset victory takes place on a reality show when the spoilers have predicted all along a win goes to someone else. That’s exactly what happened when it came to the Celebrity Apprentice 2012 winner in the finale Sunday night. For months, Clay Aiken was expected to win the show’s title for 2012 and bring home an extra $250,000 for his charity, The National Inclusion Project—a cause he founded for including special needs children in community activities. Instead, Donald Trump announced the winner as being Arsenio Hall. His charity, the Michael Johnson Foundation, is about fighting HIV and AIDS.

Although Clay Aiken raised the most money at $301,500 during his time on Celebrity Apprentice 2012, Arsenio made a powerful presentation with his video that needed some final touches. In all, Arsenio raised $167,100. It was the impact behind the message in his presentation that made him the winner.

It was one of those rare times that spoilers were way off in their predictions. Hardly any Celebrity Apprentice spoilers picked Arsenio as the winner in the finale. Even the episode preview clips made it seem that Clay had it in the bag. Last week Arsenio appeared to be up a creek, but in the end his team made his charity’s message loud and clear.

Are you happy Arsenio Hall won Celebrity Apprentice?

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