‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2012: Trump Sons’ Scandal Causes Drop by Big Sponsor

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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 is now impacted by the hunting scandal that took hold earlier this week involving Donald Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald, Jr. Since photos showed up on TMZ of the two men posing proudly with their exotic game kills in Zimbabwe last year, a backlash to their controversial actions has caused a major sponsor to drop their ad spot.

Camping World won’t spend another dollar for TV ads during the airing of the reality show because the company’s CEO, Marcus Lemonis, was offended by the photos of Donald Trump’s sons with their exotic trophy kills.

“I wouldn’t spend another nickel with them,” said Lemonis of buying ads during the show’s airtime. “I am totally disgusted by the [hunting] pics I have seen and was surprised to see them. Money is spent, but wow, I’m really shocked.”

Although Camping World sells the type of supplies or equipment hunters would buy, it doesn’t mean they agree with the senseless slaughter of wild game in Africa.

While in Zimbabwe, Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. killed an elephant, crocodile, waterbuck, and civet cat. Donald, Jr. took to Twitter Tuesday and defended his position by saying their hunted animals fed local villagers in the region.

Senior Trump doesn’t like the fact his two sons hunt, but said what they did was acceptable to the hunting community.

Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. also appear on Celebrity Apprentice as judges for the show.

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